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 Impressive Long-Range Laser Level:DEWALT DW080LRS Laser Level Review

Tools we use at the job site are important when you don’t want to compromise on work quality and when results are of great importance. A laser level is considered as one of those tools that can provide you precision and accuracy to eliminate any kind of guess game. Today we are discussing the features of one premium model Dewalt DW080LRS laser level.

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Characteristics of Dewalt DW080LRS Laser Level

Weight: 2 pounds

✩Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion

Accuracy: 1/16”

Laser Class: 3R

Working Range: 2000ft

Rated: IP67.

Features of Dewalt DW080LRS Laser Level:

Working Range:

The working range of the DW080LRS laser level is ideal for all the construction, and complex sites that require a long working range for accuracy. If you are searching for such the best laser level, then DW080LRS is the right companion for you. The working range of this laser level is about 2000ft, and it’s convenient for all the users who want something with long-range and high precision to get high-quality work.

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Bluetooth Technology:

So many laser levels create problems for a user especially when they need to get adjusted. DW080LRS has come up with Bluetooth technology that can be connected to your phone, and you can operate a laser level from another room. It can also provide notification on your phone regarding fall and drop alerts, changes in slope, line direction, tool tracking, and other alerts.

IP67 Rated:

This best cross line laser level is IP67 rated that is responsible for providing durability and long life against weather and external conditions to the device. If you are working on the construction site where the weather is rough, then IP67 will protect the internal components from dust, debris, and rain without causing any damage or complication. It will make your job easier, and you can work in peace without worrying about delicate parts of the laser level.


Along with other features, the accuracy of this model is something you can’t ignore, and you will love the potential and capability of this device at the job site. DW080LRS can amaze you by providing surprising results. The accuracy of this laser level is about 1/16” at the distance of 100ft. You can use this model by Dewalt for indoor and outdoor projects.

Other Features:

Dw080LRS can project a strong, and visible beam even in bright lighting conditions, and the self-leveling range is suitable for a professional user as well. The rotation speed of this device ranges from 150-1200RPM with a 3-year limited warranty of laser level. It has come up with dual-axis slope mode, and it can provide support to all the complex projects without disturbing marks.


Dewalt DW080LRS is the best rated laser level that is only not able to provide support to your work but it can reduce the time frame efficiently. This is an advanced laser level that allows you to operate the device on any kind of surface and internal components will be safe. You will get every accessory with this laser level you need at the job site.

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