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All You Want To Know About Heavy-duty Sewing Machine


You can find the best heavy-duty sewing machines for industrial use that work well on heavy projects for extensively daily use. They are reliable and durable. In this article, we will focus on the Quick Guide To Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine For Thick Fabrics Reviews.

For home sewers, the best heavy-duty sewing machines should have specialized features for handling heavy fabrics (denim, leather), blind hems for quilting, and buttonholes for ease of use.

Generally, a heavy-duty sewing machine with up to 6000 SPM sews faster than a basic home sewing machine with only around 1500 SPM. That's why a heavy-duty one can save you time.


Singer Heavy-duty Sewing Machine 4411


You can find some kinds of heavy-duty machines to use at your home. They are more dependable than basic ones and also easily deal with heavy garments.

On the other hand, they could be smaller, lighter or even slower than those for industrial machines.


A Basic and Heavy-duty Sewing Machine: The differences

The purpose is the initial difference between the two types of sewing machines. A basic or regular sewing machine mainly comes out for home use. In contrast, a heavy-duty models is for large-scale industrial use.

Generally, heavy-duty sewing machines are fixed to tables for all time because their design is for fast sewing and long lasting.

You cannot control those models the same as the way you do with a home sewing machine. However, you can use them to do challenging tasks such as quilting or handling with thick garments.

If you are looking for a portable machine, read our Complete Guide To Best Portable Sewing Machine For Beginners Reviews.

About the regular sewing machines, these models focus on home-use purpose, sew at a slower pace in comparison with the heavy-duty machines. Most of them cannot work on thick fabrics.

In fact, a basic sewing machine for home use may come with more specifications (mainly the number of stitches, computerized features) than that of a heavy-duty model. In some cases, it is better to not have a huge range of features that you will rarely use.


A Heavy-duty Sewing Machine: Features and Advantages

A heavy-duty sewing machine gives you many functions and advantages. Particularly, you will need it to sew thick fabrics like leather, jean. Sometimes, you will like to sew in a faster speed to finish your project as soon as possible.

In comparison with a regular sewing machine, a heavy-duty machine is often more long-lasting but needs less maintenance.


Janome Sewing Machine 2212


Due to its simple specifications, this type of sewing machine is user-friendly for using and learning. That's why it is the best choice for beginners.

With skipped stitches of a heavy-duty machine, you can sew different kinds of projects including monogramming and quilting without caring about the speed of stitch.

So, what is a good entry level sewing machine for beginners like you? The answer is it depends!

In case that you sew frequently, it is smart to invest in a heavy-duty model for obtaining its professional benefits. As long as you maintain it properly, it can stay strong for years even when being used regularly on heavy-duty garments.