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Fitting Tips For Flattering Skirts

As a beginner, there is no great project than to sew a skirt. As this project is quite easy to sew as well as you can add your own creativity to this without risking fabric. You don’t have to even go through the complications while cutting the skirt. As well know it’s quite easy to sew skirts with a sewing machine and you don’t have to go through the handling problem.

For more information on sewing and how to find the best computerized sewing machine for beginners, you can visit CraftsSelection Youtube channel for the ultimate information. Today in this blog we are going to tell you about how you can make flattering skirts that can fit your body perfectly.

Sewing skirt on a sewing machine

Cutting and Measurement:

At the time of cutting fabric for the skirt, there are three rules. You need to make sure hip measurement is correct, the waist measurement is correct and the length of the skirt is accurate. If you have these three things in the starting then definitely the skirt is going to hug your body perfectly. If the waist or hip measurement is not going to be accurate then you will definitely go through the big problem.

You have to follow the rule “cut once, measure twice”. It can save you from lots of troubles and for sewing, the flattering skirt, cutting, and measurements are important to consider for accurate results.


The shape is something that gives an amazing look to the skirt. To fit the waist and hips, it’s important to consider the shape of the skirt and what kind of look do you want to carry? It depends on your pattern as well so if you want to go for the simple sewing then I recommend choosing the A-line shape for the skirt to at least complete your first project with elegance and peace.

Later you can start experimenting with the different looks of the skirt like you can add notions or you can also go for the pencil skirt as well. The shape must have enough space to allow you to move easily without feeling uncomfortable or too fit inside it.


The skirt handling demands attention from you when wearing it. If you are not paying much attention to the adjustment then maybe the style will look old and you will lose interest eventually. Another thing you need to take care of while working with the skirt is whether you have used the same fabric for the skirt that you were thinking to handle?

Fabric type plays an important role in skirt handling. If you don’t like wool but you are sewing a skirt then you can be comfortable and easy in adjusting this piece of fabric? So before you make any decision about the fabric, make sure you are choosing the right thing for the sake of comfort and style.

Front and Back:

At the time of cutting the pattern for the skirt, the thing you need to know is that the front and back of the skirt must be different from each other. When you are sewing a fitting skirt then this is something that people notice what pattern you have in the front and what you have in the back of the skirt. The front side of the skirt has not that much fabric as compared to the back.

Front and back of a skirt

So the next thing when you are sewing a skirt, make sure that the back of the skirt is voluminous and it can allow you to move. Even in fitting skirts, you need to make the back of the skirt spacious for sitting and easy walking purposes. If you have one of the top sewing machines for beginners from famous brands like Brother, Singer, Janome then you don’t have to feel uncomfortable while handling the sewing machine.


Darts are an essential part of the skirt and you can’t make the skirt fit if you have not sewn the proper darts in the skirt. Darts are supposed to add shape and space to the skirt especially when you think that hip side needs space even in the fitting skirt. While sewing a dart in the skirt, you should keep one thing in mind that darts must end at the rounded area of the skirt to avoid the mess in the stitching.

Later if you are thinking that you have to shorten the dart because of the changes in your body type then definitely you can. Always keep the space inside the skirt to make the changes easily in it or else the whole project will be ruined if you will not be able to wear it again. You don’t have to make changes in the width but the length of the darts to make the fitting and shape of the skirt promising.


You should know the difference between the natural waist and the waist where you are going to wear a skirt. The measurements must be accurate of both of the points no matter if you want to wear it on the lower waist. The skirt must be made by keeping the measurements of the natural waist in your mind. If you will take a closer look at the commercial skirts then those are stitched by keeping the measurement of the natural waist in your mind.

If you want to wear the skirt at the lower waist then take that measurement too to create enough space in the waistband but to create the professional work you need to know the difference between natural waist and lower waist.

In conclusion

The fitness of the skirt should be up to the mark to make it look professional in appearance. These are some of the tips which can actually help you in creating the right project for you even if it’s the first time. You can use the best rated sewing machines for beginners to create the project for the first time. You are going to love the work and definitely can learn a lot through this project.