MD & DDS Resources is the preferred physician and dental recruiting agency of FQHCs throught the United States.

“At MD & DDS Resources our mission is to bring communities, hospitals, and clinics together with dedicated and well-qualified physicians, dentists, and mid-level providers. As professional consultants we take great pride in providing an informative and rewarding experience for all parties involved in the recruitment process. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with clinicians that will administer outstanding care on a long-term basis to the patients in their communities.” 

We are proud to be the Preferred Physician and Dental Recruiters of FQHCs throughout the United States and of our long history of placing physicians at rural underserved community health centers across the country.


Now there’s a quick and easy way to find the physician job you’ve been searching for.

Searching for the perfect physician job opportunity can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task. Even if you do everything right—scour the want ads, send out query letters and resumes, network with colleagues and friends—it’s hard not to get discouraged when your efforts don’t produce the results you want. But don’t despair. Finding that perfect physician job is easier than you think with guidance from the right physician job placement agency.


Welcome to MD Resources – the physician job placement specialists

  There are two kinds of placement agencies: the kind that generalize and the kind that specialize. MD Resources is a recruitment agency that specializes solely in finding jobs for physicians. Our recruiters collectively have over 25 years of experience in the physician job placement industry. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your search for that perfect physician job opportunity.


We’ll leave no stone unturned

Over the years MD Resources has cultivated strategic partnerships with hundreds of medical providers—hospital administrators, community health center directors, group practice managers, and medical directors. These partnerships allow us to launch a specific job search and uncover an abundance of available physician job opportunities for you! 


Why not let us guide you on your search for the ideal physician job? 

Whether you’re a practicing physician needing a change or a resident finishing training, looking for the right physician practice opportunity will be easier with the assistance of our professional recruitment staff. They will guide you through every step of your physician job search.

We’ll take time to:

  • Understand your career and employment requirements
  • Identify specific physician job opportunities
  • Assist you in writing a professional CV
  • Assist you in negotiating the best contract
  • Give you tips on how to interview successfully
  • Coach you on how to ask for an offer
  • Provide you with valuable post interview feedback
  • Assist you in negotiating the best contract
  • Present continual updates on jobs for physicians in your preferred geographic area


Starting your physician job search is quick and easy!

Why wait any longer? Get started today by calling 636-536-6656, or upload your CV and provide your contact information and we will initiate a customized search for you.