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MD & DDS Resources has excellent hospitalist opportunities throughout the United States. We have a nationwide network of over 1,300 organizations that have hospitalist jobs available. We have been a trusted name in the medical recruiting industry since 1999, and our highly trained experts have years of experience finding great job opportunities for physicians like you. Our expert consultants know exactly where to find the best hospitalist jobs, and what employers are looking for in a candidate. Get started by submitting your CV today.


Loan Repayment Benefits Are Available


We know that becoming a qualified physician requires many years of schooling and that you may have student loans to repay now that you are a practicing physician. Fortunately, many of the jobs we offer have the option for loan repayment benefits. Get help paying for school while moving forward in your career. Learn more about hospitalist opportunities that can help you pay off your loans on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


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At MD & DDS Resources, our number one priority is finding the best match between employers and qualified candidates. When you contact us about helping you find hospitalist opportunities, one of our expert consultants will carefully evaluate your qualifications, work experience, and personal preferences before recommending positions to you. Your personal consultant will also help you:


  • Compose professional CVs and cover letters
  • Learn to present yourself professionally in interviews
  • Determine whether an offer is right for you
  • Negotiate contract terms and salary
  • Keep you updated on new hospitalist opportunities in your area


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