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Review for Samsung Powerstick Jet Vacuum Cleaner


If you are in the middle of your online search for the best rated vacuum out there, then you can stop looking. Because you have just found it right here with the Samsung Powerstick Jet Vacuum Cleaner.


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While Samsung is a brand more known for phones than vacuum cleaners, that is not to say the brand does not have a few vacuum cleaner models of their own in their catalog. But due to their humble quality, Samsung vacuum cleaners were neither too popular and nor the easiest to find. Thankfully, with the introduction of the brand-new Samsung Powerstick Jet vacuum cleaner, Samsung has proven itself to be a very capable manufacturer for vacuum cleaners.



This brand-new vacuum cleaner model by Samsung is just a simple cordless vacuum cleaner at first glance. But that would be selling this vacuum cleaner way too short, and it is not just another cordless vacuum cleaner model you can find on the market. It is more special than that, and this particular vacuum cleaner is a cordless cleaner model that doubles as a floor cleaner, and it excels in cleaning up bare floors by using two pre-built spinning brush rolls to thoroughly clean the floor.


It has been reported and rated by users that the cleaning performance of this vacuum cleaner is quite excellent on an average. The suction power of the vacuum was enough to be able to clean all of the dirt effortlessly, which is a good sign that indicates this is a good one among  Top best vacuum cleaners. And to get the job truly well done, the vacuum cleaner also offers a few more accessories that you will need to truly complete the cleaning task.


When acting as a floor cleaner, the vacuum is not short on good performance either. Whatever the mess that the suction power of the vacuum fails to clean up, the vacuum has a backup plan in the form of this floor cleaning mode. Any stubborn stains that prove to be too much of a challenge for the normal vacuuming mode will be quickly dealt with by the machine in floor cleaning mode. It has been reported that the mopping of the cleaner can wipe everything spotlessly clean.



Being a cordless vacuum cleaner, this cleaner of course runs on battery. For those who are worried about the battery life limitation associated with cordless vacuums, you can worry no more. Because this machine has found a solution, and that is the spare battery that comes with it along with the spare charging space to charge both batteries simultaneously. With all these features, you should have no problem anymore with the timing of the vacuum.


And it is not like you are going to need to use up all of its fully charged battery in one go in order to finish a cleaning session. With a motorized floor head, a crevice tool, an upholstery tool, an angle tool and a bunch of brushes as the additional accessories that come with the machine to help you, cleaning is a breeze and your home cleaning will be done in a flash before the battery of the vacuum machine runs out of power.


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If you need a single great solution to all the mess around your home, here’s the solution you have been looking for. You can say that this is one of the most practical vacuums to purchase, which offers the best value for the price you are going to pay. It fully deserves its place as one of the top vacuum cleaners, and a good all-around option to pick up.